Preferred Vendors

Preferred Sewing and Machinery / Fabric Cutting Vendors for SEG Frames

Get the right resource for your SEG fabric and silicone sewing needs. It takes experience to ensure a properly sewn silicone edge. The sewing process is critical for a tight fit that looks great.


Introducing the Digitran by Miller Weldmaster

Innovation Through Performance: A complete sewing solution! Now finish all PVC banners and signs or sew digital textiles with Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG). Allow the Digitran to taking your production to the next level.

Speed: There is no stopping you, at speeds up to 30M per minute, you will become a pro at finishing with precision alignment and capability.

Near Invisible Seams: Remove the tape and glue! Now, weld or sew pvc or digital textiles producing the highest quality, best looking seams.

Quality and Reliability:
• Lean manufacturing principles
• Solid steel frame design
• 500+ years combined engineering experience • Designed and built for multiple decade use

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