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Silicone Edge Graphics frames are widely popular because they provide a display solution for an endless number of signage environments. Highly customizable SEG frames can be designed to fit nearly anywhere signs and messaging are used.


SEG frames are made of extruded aluminum, which is cost-effective, lightweight, and durable. This also means SEG frames can be constructed in nearly endless configurations.

  • Any size—SEG fabric frames are customizable to virtually any size and thickness to fit nearly any space. SEG frames allow for massive graphics on a single, taut piece of fabric, thus eliminating seams.
  • Shapes and angles—SEG displays can be constructed in custom shapes and can even include angles and other 3-dimensional options.
  • Single- or double-sided—Free-standing displays and suspended SEG displays can be designed to display graphics on one or both faces.
  • Custom decorated fixtures and displays—SEG frames can be further customized using decorating treatments on the fixtures, including standard finishes such as wood, metal, stone/granite, carbon fiber, floral, etc. Custom deco-surface treatments disguise everyday materials and transform them into beautiful, high-end surfaces that fit with the user’s brand and image.
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seg frame lighting options


SEG frames can include several built-in lighting options that help increase the visual impact of the printed graphics.

  1. Non-lit SEG framed signage is the most economical, suitable for environments with adequate ambient lighting. Non-lit framing systems can be used outdoors and as POP displays in well-lit environments such as retail stores and airports.
  2. Lighted SEG frames come in several varieties:
    • Edge-lit SEG graphics include one or more puck-shaped lights at the edge of the frame that illuminate the display by beaming light inward toward the center of the frame. Each individual light illuminates across up to 10 feet in any direction, making it the preferred choice for very large SEG displays. Edge-lit frames are one of the more economical lighting options as well.
    • Guided LED Panels consist of aluminum frames with built-in LED light strips and an optical lens for uniform backlight distribution. Guided LED panels work best with small and medium sized displays as an effective and cost-effective lighting option. The LED lights are low profile and extremely energy efficient. However, these panels ship complete and don’t break down, which makes them more difficult to ship for one location to another.
    • Direct backlit frames are the premier option in SEG frames. This design for framed signage includes a narrow profile and lights mounted throughout the back panel to create the most brightly illuminated, eye-catching presentation of the graphics. The light source is built in behind the graphics facing forward to provide intense, even lighting. A direct backlit configuration for SEG frames ships complete and doesn’t break down for shipping, however, and is more expensive than the other two lighting options.


Because of this flexibility, SEG frames offer nearly limitless options—the applications are limited only by the user’s creativity. Today, SEG fabric frames provide signage solutions in wide variety of environments, including:

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