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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) can be installed virtually anywhere framed signage and graphic displays are used, thanks to the flexibility and customizability of the frames and fabric graphics.

SEG frames are often displayed on walls, hung from ceilings, or erected as free-standing graphics displays. They can be chosen from many extrusion profiles and combined with suitable hardware and accessories to fit nearly any space.


SEG frames are commonly used in retail and other environments for POP displays, window merchandising displays, and graphics on perimeter walls. They are especially popular for large-scale wall murals that fill up large areas. Frames using 180° connectors can expand to virtually any length to accommodate large-scale graphics.

seg frames wall mural


Look up in many retail settings, sports arenas, and other high-traffic public places and you’re likely to see SEG framing systems in use for suspended and ceiling-mounted displays. SEG fabric frames are popular for these high-flying areas because the graphics are lightweight, durable, and easy to install. SEG frames work with assorted hanging systems to mount just about anywhere. Frames can be single-sided or double-sided to allow graphics to be viewed from different vantage points below.

seg frames airport


SEG frames, either single- or double-sided, are often used as attractive free-standing displays. These can be small tabletop graphics or larger floor stands commonly used for POP displays or in trade show exhibits. SEG displays are often favored over other signage solutions because they’re approachable on the floor and easy to move from one event to another.

seg frames standing displays

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SEG frames are already in widespread use, occupying almost any imaginable nook and cranny in many types of environments and industries that rely heavily or merchandising displays, including:

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