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SEG Frame Markets

Although Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) frames were first introduced and popularized at trade shows and conventions, today they are the display solution of choice across many markets. The versatility, graphics quality, and cost-effectiveness of SEG fabric frames have led to their widespread adoption in several sectors.

seg frames for trade shows


SEG frames began in the realm of trade shows and exhibitions, and continue to dominate as the signage solution of choice at events like these around the world. Aside from looking clean and colorful, by their nature SEG graphics address two of the major cost centers for trade show exhibitors: labor and shipping. SEG frames are easy to set up, even by a single person, and take just minutes to set up and tear down, allowing exhibitors to skip expensive on-site labor. Fabric graphics are easily rolled up and tucked into small boxes, allowing exhibitors to carry them into the exhibit hall rather than paying the ghastly shipping and material handling costs to send hard panel graphics on pallets.

seg frames in retail


Store signage has always been an anchor for messaging in retail environments, whether in large shopping malls or in a stand-alone retail space. SEG frames have taken over retail in-store displays for several reasons. Fabric graphics allow for large, seamless, glare-free images that create an inviting, upscale appearance. SEG frames are highly customizable, making it possible to fit graphics into nearly any retail space. The easy change-out that SEG framing systems offer is also important to retailers because POP display graphics typically change with the season or during special sales events.

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Many high-traffic public places such as airports and transportation centers are turning to SEG frames for the large format graphics used on wall murals and advertising displays. SEG fabric frames don’t need to be kept under glass, eliminating glare and making them easier to change out whenever necessary. SEG frames can be custom cut to nearly any size, allowing them to fit into a wide range of spaces.

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Walk into any sports stadium or arena today and you’ll likely find SEG frames all around you. Large wall murals honoring current and past players, coaches, and teams have become the norm in stadiums and arenas at both the professional and collegiate level. SEG frames are a popular way to create these types of large graphic displays that deliver visual impact without seams. These venues also often use SEG frames with interchangeable temporary signage to advertise concerts, shows, and other ancillary events.

seg frames examples


QSRs have fought with their in-store signage for decades because they must be changed out frequently—but they must also entice restaurant patrons using bright colors and crisp images of menu items. SEG frames provide a compelling signage solution for lightweight graphics that are easy to install when menus or promotions change. Many restaurants use custom SEG graphics for a creative presentation of specials and featured items. Hotels and similar hospitality service providers use SEG fabrics frames for these reasons as well.

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Creative messaging has long been a hallmark for museums. Today many museums rely on SEG frames to advertise museum exhibits and shows. The SEG frames allow for wall murals and large, stand-alone graphics that can advertise and promote museum attractions.

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Many religious and other nonprofit centers choose SEG frames because the graphics are lightweight and easy for a single volunteer to install. The fabric graphics are also convenient to store in small closets when not in use—the fabric rolls take up very little storage space.

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Many schools use SEG frames for advertising upcoming events and activities on campus. SEG fabric frames offer a reasonably priced graphics solution that affords educational institutions sharp-looking signage with a modern look and feel that appeals to students.

seg frames examples


Locations that thrive on bright lights, vibrant colors, and catchy messaging are ideal environments for SEG frames. With customizable sizing and fabric that can take the wear and tear of high traffic zones, SEG fabric frames are a common choice for installing eye-catching graphics designed to stop passersby in their tracks.

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