Why SEG Frames

Why SEG Frames?

Silicone Edge Graphics provide a versatile signage solution, but why are so many industries turning to SEG fabric frames when there are countless alternatives on the market?

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Thanks to advances in dye-sublimation printing, fabric graphics used with SEG frames can be printed with high resolution creative that features brilliant colors and rich imagery. The frames hold these fabric graphics taut, creating a crisp, colorful graphic with no seams. SEG fabric frames can also be backlit to ensure your graphics are always displayed in the best possible light.

All of this combines to create a bright, clean, upscale appearance.

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SEG frames are a cost-effective choice, thanks especially to shipping considerations and the longevity of the fabric graphics. Large traditional graphics printed on rigid substrates require pallets to ship, whereas fabric graphics can be tucked inside a small box and shipped via the postal service or package delivery services like FedEx or UPS. The savings add up fast when the graphics are intended to be shipped to multiple events. Fabric displays lend themselves to repeated use and tend to last a long time, unlike traditional signage that’s prone to chipping, warping, and other damage as it ages. If fabric signage gets dirty, the graphics can be washed in a washing machine. Even most SEG frames ship in small packages to reduce the initial investment.

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Assembly of SEG graphics is quick and easy, making SEG frames ideal for signage that must be set up and torn down repeatedly, like at events or trade shows—or for applications with frequent changeovers such as retail environments or quick-service restaurants. The fabric graphics are lighter and easier to handle than traditional Sintra panels.

The aluminum frames are durable and lightweight for ease of transport and installation.

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