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Trust in the best and most experienced SEG product providers in the U.S. Whether you need fabric, frames, sewers or installers, we’ve got you covered. Browse our list of preferred vendors to find everything you need.

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SEG Fabric Products

Your connection for mills that produce fabrics specifically for SEG applications. Our fabrics are made for the technical demands of SEG Frames graphics customers.Learn More »

Aluminum SEG Frames

Find custom aluminum frames that are available in various sizes, thicknesses, functionality – and even patterns, thanks to a revolutionary decorating process.Learn More »

Sewing And Machinery

Get the right resource for your SEG fabric and silicone sewing needs. It takes experience to ensure a properly sewn silicone edge. The sewing process is critical for a tight fit that looks great.Learn More »

Installation Expertise

While installation typically only requires the silicone-edged fabric and the appropriate size frame, experience matters for a complete satisfactory look. Trust these installers to get the job done right the first time!

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SEG Frames

And what you should know about them

SEG Frames (Silicone Edge Graphics) stretched fabric inserts tuck into a channel which makes replacing backlit fabrics a quick and simple task. Custom aluminum frames are available in all types of sizes, thicknesses – and even patterns, thanks to a revolutionary decorating process. They are SEG frame options for any budget including Non-Lit frames, Edge-Lit frames, Direct Backlit frames, and Guided LED Panelframes.

SEG Frames can be setup as single-sided or double-sided, and their durable lightweight structure makes them easy to transport – perfect for on-the-go displays and trade shows.

SEG Fabric Project

Endless Application Possibilities for a Standout Display

Silicone Edge Graphics Retail Display
Silicone Edge Graphics In-Store POP
Silicone Edge Graphics Retail Display 2

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Spark creativity with our articles on the latest in trends and applications from preferred SEG Frames vendors.

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