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miller weldmaster digitran sewing machine

What Makes the Digitran Stand Out From Other Sewing and Conveyor Systems

miller weldmaster digitran sewing machine

Miller Weldmaster, a global leader in industrial fabric welding solutions, manufactures the only solution that can sew OR weld in the sign industry! The Digitran is a complete system that offers the capability to easily sync your conveyor up to both your sewing machine or welding machine for effortless material management on either machine.

Digitran offers ability to finish all PVC banners, signs, digital textiles with silicon Edge Graphics (SEG), & more. With SEG feeding and automatic cutting, Digitran produces the highest-quality, best-looking seams. Hands-free feeding and cutting, a motor-driven conveyor, and speeds of up to 30M per minute enable operators to produce finishing with precision and accuracy.

“This is one of the most versatile and durable machines we offer,” commented company president and owner, Scott Miller. “PVC banners, signs and now SEG digital textiles are being finished faster and easier than ever before because of its ability to sew, seam or both, and handle small or large projects in one workspace area. Digitran also assures productivity because it can operate over multiple shifts with low maintenance needs for extended periods of time.”

For over four decades, Miller Weldmaster has offered multiple solutions for the sign industry. Call 330-915-3311 or visit the company’s website at to learn more about Digitran sewing and welding machines.

digitran  digitran sewing machine

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