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Unique SEG Frames by Xcel Products

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Innovation with SEG Frames and Xcel Products

A gaming software company sought a partner who could achieve their vision of manufacturing dozens of sleek, low-profile SEG light boxes in unique shapes and various sizes (from 20″x24″ up to 60″x80″), to feature in their corporate office.

A local Minnesota partner solicited Xcel to make this vision reality. Utilizing sleek light boxes and unique power supplies, Xcel developed a SEG Frame system which delivered quality lighting, with custom shapes and efficient power, while still providing a cost advantage. The results yielded a family of standout SEG Frame displays that took the visual experience of the client’s corporate office to the next level.

Hexagon #39 Frame with Graphics_1  Hexagon #39 Frame with Graphics  Hexagon #39 Frame with Graphics_3

A better product, at a better price. Now that’s innovation.

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